Waters Memorial United Methodist Church
Mission Statement
Making Disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world
Vision Statement
To be a visible Christian community committed to spiritual growth, being led by GOD's grace to reach out to everyone, every day, in faith love, joy, and service.
Who are we
We are a Bible Believing, God Loving Church, Making Disciples for Jesus Christ.
  The Church History
    One hundred years ago our forbearers in the faith took an informant step. They name our congregation after one of its leaders, Sewell Davis Waters. This recognized something that had always been true. The church is about people being the Body of Christ. 
   Before this name change, our congregation had been named for its location "Island Creek". Regardless of the name, the truth remains that the congregation is about the people. They make Christ's body real in the world by what they do, say, and who they are. We are the parts of Christ's body with Christ as our head.
  Our congregation has been through many changes in 100 years.  It was first a Methodist Episcopal congregation, then in the 1939 union it became Methodist, and in 1968 we became a United Methodist Church. Those name changes meant little difference in the congregation. What made a difference was the changes of people. As people matured in their faith as they found new ways to work for God and to be the body of Christ. As people died and left the earthly part of the body of Christ and others joined the body of Christ here, this congregation changed grew, developed. - Pastor Daniel Montague - 2007
Some outstanding dates in the history of Waters Memorial Church:
1781 - First record of the existence of Calvert Circuit. Meetings were held in this local area - probably in individuals' Homes.  
1827 - First record of a specific meeting house. This building was known as "the log cabin in the bottom" and was called Ireland or       Island Creek Chapel . Records of Ireland Creek Chapel exist from 1827 to 1844. 
1842 - 1843  "Old" Island Creek Church was built "up on the hill" by Sewell Davis Waters who donated the land and built the church.   The church was a frame building with a seating capacity of about 175. 
1844 - The name, Island Creek Church, first appears in the records of the Baltimore Methodist Conference.
1907 - 1908 "New" Island Creek Church was built with "old" Island creek Church being torn down. After final completion, the name
    was changed to Waters Memorial Methodist Church in memory of Sewell Davis Waters. 
1973 - The present brick sanctuary was completed.